The CADS Mentorship Program is an annual program that pairs new dentist members with a volunteer mentor in their area. In recent years, our members have voiced their desire for more exposure to mentors within CADS, many of whom have a wealth of knowledge and experience to share.


Q: “How do I get paired with a mentor?”

A: Candidates are matched based on common interests & requested qualities. The more information you give us as to what you are looking for, the better we can pair you with someone that could lead to a fruitful relationship.

Q: “Where and how often do I meet with my mentor?”

A: This is entirely up to you and your mentor. CADS will help pair the two of you together, and then the rest of the relationship is what you make of it.

Q: “What are some examples of what I can expect form the program?”

A: Some pairs have kept it to a phone call only basis during the year, while others have met in person in a social or professional setting. Some have developed meaningful relationships that have lasted for years, which often came after the candidates shadowed the mentor at their practice.

If you are an incoming dentist seeking a mentor, or an experienced dentist interested in joining the program as a mentor, please click the links below for more information.