Report on the 2017 ADA House of Delegates

The ADA House Of Delegates met this past October 20- 23 in Atlanta, Georgia, at the ADA Annual Meeting. Representing CADS in the Texas Delegation were Drs. Rhonda Stokley, Mark Peppard, Lance Sanders, and Alan Moore. Several issues were discussed by delegates from across the country. This report includes some of the most debated issues. Finances and budgetary issues are always a high priority and this year was no exception! First, a budget was passed which involves no dues increase! There was a proposal from the ADA Board of Trustees for a $30 dues assessment in 2018 to help fund the national “Find an ADA Dentist” campaign. This was voted down and funding from the ADA reserve fund was ratified. This particular member campaign has been very successful. Next year we may see a request in the form of an assessment or dues increase to fund initiatives for member benefits. Finally in regard to finances, the Board of Trustees appealed to allow only themselves, and not the House of Delegates, to decide the budget. This was voted down by a wide margin! Other resolutions which passed dealt with setting policy for Sleep Dentistry, creating a Commission to decide on specialty recognition, and streamlining the ADA Bylaws. All in all, it was a good session with a positive feel for innovative approaches to improve the association as well as member benefits. It was an honor to represent CADS and Texas!
By Alan B Moore, DDS