President’s Message August 2017

It’s summer in Austin. This means sun, water, and fun! CADS celebrated the sunny season with a social event at Dr. Dale Gallagher’s house. CADS members spent the evening socializing to a backdrop of Lake Travis and the sounds of the band Swimming With Bears. The night was a great success and we saw both familiar and new faces sharing conversations and laughs. Check out pictures from the event on pages 8 and 9. A huge thank you to both Dr. Gallagher and his wife Carrie for letting us use their beautiful home. Also, thank you to Trisha, Jonathon, Barry, Nancy, and Stan for helping with the event. We appreciate it!
As we continue into August you will notice a few changes in our CADS events. My intent is to continue to grow and improve the programs we currently have in place, but pilot new ideas. As always CADS strives and continues to do what is best for you, the member.
For the August and September general meetings we will try out new venues. Please let us know your thoughts on the new locations and how they compare to the Austin Country Club. As we look for opportunities to improve and grow, please let us know your opinion. We appreciate and value your thoughts. A survey on general meeting venues will be sent out after the September meeting.
Dr. Gallagher has organized a theme to our general meetings: Dental Mess-Up’s, and How to Prevent Them. He will also bring back the infamous Table Clinic night in September. Also, look for some group volunteer opportunities, mentorship program, and a Top Golf event. We will continue to have our new dentist events, membership events, CADS Conference, and our CADS study club.
I hope everyone is enjoying their summer so far and are keeping cool. I look forward to seeing everyone at the General Meeting on August 15th at the Canyon View Event Center. And we will have a FREE Happy Hour that night! See you then!
By Ensy A. Atarod, DDS
CADS President, 2017-2018