President’s Message

February has always been a tough month for me; it follows behind the excitement and possibility of the New Year. Every New Year people set resolutions to better themselves and make promises to themselves that they cannot keep. Let us be honest, most people fail to keep the resolutions they make. Statistics show us that only 8% of people are successful in achieving their goals for a full year. What can we do when the eagerness and momentum of New Year’s resolutions wear off? How do we re-motivate ourselves?
We must recognize that sometimes despite our best efforts and our best intentions we can still come up short when we make goals without a support system to back them. Psychologists say that people who have a support system for their goals, increase their chances of success. There are many positive benefits in having a network of supportive relationships, such as knowing people who can provide you with information, advice, guidance, and tangible support.
I use our dental society colleagues for emotional and practical support, to help guide me to achieve my goals. I find that surrounding myself with like minded people and people who can help me find solutions to problems seems like a no brainer. We all want people who understand our struggles and people who experience similar situations to lean on for strength. Solid support systems can also reduce the stress of work and life. So, if you are feeling the New Year’s goals blues, come out to our many CADS events to find a support system and help foster success.
CADS is also determined to be part of the 8% who succeed in achieving their goals. Our resolution to make ourselves better at what we are passionate about takes discipline. Fortunately, our members are engaged, enthusiastic and committed to their goals. Drs. Raj Shenoy and Meredith Overstreet, Chairs of the CADS Membership Committee, made a resolution to have a social networking event. On January 19th, they accomplished it with a fantastic CADS Top Golf day. The Membership Committee is also planning a Wine and Wisdom event at Chez Zee on March 22nd.
The CADS Study Club is working on their goal of learning in a small group setting. In January, Dr. Barry Rouch presented “Staying out of Trouble with Invisalign” to the study club members. Thank you to Drs. Steve and Jerry Katz for organizing this great group of individuals and leading them to achieve their goal of gaining dental knowledge and skills.
As you can see, there are many events to join. Finding a support system will help you reach your potential as a dentist. We hope to see you at any of these events, general meetings, or our Capital Area Dental Conference on April 27-28th. Good luck with your goals this year and let us know how CADS can help you achieve them.
By Ensy A. Atarod, DDS, MPH
CADS President, 2017-2018