NANCY A. NISBETT: Executive Director Capital Area Dental Society And Honorary Fellow of the International College of Dentists

In the year 2000, the Capital Area Dental Society, CADS, was transitioning from the classic model of an entirely member run component of the Texas Dental Association. The task was daunting for those who were volunteering their time. Membership was growing rapidly, because Austin was an exciting dynamic city; “Mother-Ship” of the University of Texas System, which had two dental schools out of three in the State, and Austin is the Capital of Texas. An attempt had been made to outsource the administrative aspect of the society’s day to day business and finances. This was less than successful, and prompted the decision to focus on a qualified individual. Mrs. Nisbett, at the time, was the ED for the Associated Builders & Contractors, a State level association, which gave her immense experience in the world of politics and lobbying. By sheer coincidence she was a personal friend to the Component President at the time and an offer was made to hire her as our ED. She accepted and the rest is history!
Mrs. Nisbett states in her own words, “My philosophy as an Executive Director has always been to work behind the scenes so that everything goes perfectly and to make sure my officers and committee chairs get the recognition they deserve. This has worked for me all of these years.” This philosophy has served to benefit our component and our members in many ways. Mrs. Nisbett very quickly recognized the need for both a strategic and tactical approach to guiding the many different personalities she would encounter, not only working with dentists as individuals, but also recognizing the nuances of dentistry at the local, state and national levels. Her ability to maximize the avenues of non-dues income through her role as Managing Editor of our Component monthly newsletter, coupled with her ability to leverage sponsorships for our general meetings, as well as embracing the strategy of organized dentistry to focus on the New Dentist and develop the symbiotic relationship of the dental industry dollars with this rapidly growing resource has led to a financially stable Component.  She has transformed our Society into a group of highly motivated individuals that span the spectrum of age, gender and race. She has quietly taken on the duties of organizational coordinator helping to guide the officers, committee chairs, and committee members through the processes of governance and strategic planning to the point that our Board duties are well defined, attract qualified members and gives our Board members the privilege of being the dynamic leaders of the future our profession demands. Membership has more than doubled during her ongoing tenure. Our Component has developed multi-dimensional and highly successful philanthropic strategies. Mrs. Nisbett has quietly, “behind the scenes”, guided the transformation of our 10th District Dental Society of the Southeast Division of the Texas Dental Association into the most envied and studied component in the State.


As a member of the Association of Component Society Executives of the American Dental Association, Mrs. Nisbett has graciously and generously shared her talents with not only our very appreciative CADS members, but with our State and National leaders.  She has continuously demonstrated a level of insight which melds the wisdom of our experienced dentists with the dynamic energy and motivation of our New Dentists to the benefit of our profession, our organization and our community. Mrs. Nisbett has indeed worked from behind the scenes to make sure our members “get the recognition they deserve.”
Now it is time for Mrs. Nisbett to receive her recognition before the world. The Capital Area Dental Society is proud of her acceptance as an Honorary Fellow in the International College of Dentists.

-Mark Peppard, DDS