TDASFThe TDASF’s mission is to improve access to dental care for the underserved of Texas and to educate the public and the profession about oral health. This mission is accomplished through the following programs and education initiatives. Texas Mission of Mercy (TMOM) events deliver charitable dental care through a multi-annual, travelling dental clinic all across Texas. Fluoride Fest and the Cavity Free Corral provide oral health education to children and their families, while TDASF’s newest program, SMART Smiles, provides preventative dental care to elementary school aged, low-income children. TDASF also provides 6 scholarships to deserving first-year dental students each year, and sponsors the Beverly Bane Lectureship each May at the TDA Meeting in San Antonio. These programs have collectively provided over 41,000 Texans with $30 million in charitable dentistry since 2001, alleviating the strain on local emergency rooms that see thousands of dental cases yearly, educating Texans about the importance of oral health, and relieving the pain and suffering of those with limited financial and geographic access to dental care, all while improving the public image of dentistry.

If you would like to reach out directly to TDA Smiles Foundation and TMOM, please use this contact form, or if you are having trouble, try their website: