Editor’s Corner May 2020

Signing Out

Thank you so very much!  Those were the first words I ever wrote as editor for the Capital Area Dental Society.  That was seven years ago, and I was telling Dr. Kavin Kelp thank you for all of his work as the previous editor.  Now it’s my turn again to say thank you so very much, to you our members, for reading these articles for the past seven years.  With bittersweet emotion I am signing off for the last time as your editor.  I hope you found my writings informative, motivational, or humorous to a degree.  Creating relevant content for our readers can be a challenge sometimes, but I can say with 100% confidence that your Capital Star team has always followed the footsteps of our predecessors, and The Star continues to get better each year.

I will continue with the CADS board in a different capacity, so I am excited that I will continue to work with this awesome group to keep this dental society as the envy of all the others.  The personal growth, career advancement, friendship, camaraderie, and knowledge that I have gained by being a member of this group is priceless, so if you’re even remotely thinking about getting involved at the next level, do so.  You’ll never regret it.

Lastly, I want to say thank you so very much to the real driving force behind this entire society, Executive Director Nancy Nisbett.  If you’ve been a CADS member for longer than three minutes you have already realized how invaluable she is to this society, and no one sees that more than I do.  My time working with her has always been a joy, and I’ll look forward to seven more years of our teamwork.  Signing out, but not going away…it’s been great.  Thank you so very much!

-Jonathon Kimes