Editor’s Corner August 2020

Organized Dentistry, What Have You Done For Me Lately?

At times during my career in Dentistry, watching the ADA and TDA has been like watching paint dry.  Nothing happened quickly.  It was frustrating at times, but in the end the wisdom inherent in these organizations always seemed to find a way to prevail. 

In recent months, both the ADA and TDA have been pressed to act quickly and decisively to preserve the profession.  The ADA has worked tirelessly on the national level to ensure that the CARES act and other legislation involving financial hardship associated with the pandemic was administered in a manner that was fair to Dentistry.  On a state level, TDA worked closely with the Texas State Board of Dental Examiners and Governor Abbott to reopen our dental practices.  Without their advocating for the profession, we might likely still be sitting at home.

The annual meeting of the Texas Dental Association was cancelled.  TDA still had to hold a House of Delegates in order to conduct the business of our organization.  Unique challenges were present since we could not gather as a governing body.  Dr. John Baucum, Speaker of the House, conducted the session online.  My hat is off to him and TDA staff for managing to run a smooth meeting that addressed all the issues in a new format and structure.  In its abbreviated form there were no Reference Committees.  All issues were nonetheless well discussed prior to consideration for a vote. 

The major accomplishment of this session was the passing of a plan to make long overdue renovations and repairs on the TDA building.  Our own Dr. Alan Moore has served for many years on the Building Committee. 

Several resolutions were brought to the House by our district.  Dr. Rhonda Stokley authored a resolution addressing the need for education about HPV.  After debate, the resolution passed.

 A resolution to recognize 10-year association members was submitted from our delegation.  It also passed.

Dr. Ensy Atarod serves on the TDA committee dealing with membership.  Her committee has worked to keep the dues structure in place that reduces dues once members achieve lifetime status.  ADA wanted to take this away.  Thank you for having the integrity to continue to honor a past promise.

Dr. Alan Moore was elected to be an ADA Delegate, 2021-2023.  Dr. Shailee Gupta was elected to a 2020-2023 term.  Thank you for your service on a national level. 

So Organized Dentistry, what have you done for me lately?  Just about everything that is needed to allow me to practice Dentistry in a manner that is safe for me, my staff, and my patients.  We are all living in what seems to be a new normal every day.  This would not happen without lots of hard work on many levels.  As members we benefit from this.  I am proud to be a member.

Stanley A. LaCroix, DDS

CADS Editor 2020-2021