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President’s Message July 2016

Exploration vs. Exploitation Dr. James Mach, former professor of the Stanford Graduate School of Education, is best known for his work in organizational decision making.  His theory focuses on the notion that true success in any organization lies in a balance between exploration of new ideas and exploitation of proven principles.  Too much or little […]

President’s Message June 2016

State of the Union  “Organized Dentistry.”  What does that idea mean to you?  Why do we need it?  What value does it bring to our profession? Those are the questions that every dentist faces when posed with the choice of staying involved, or leaving the organization.  Most of you reading this newsletter likely have, at […]

CADS Dentist of the Year 2016

Dr. Alan Moore CADS Dentist of the Year 2016 For Dr. Alan Moore, the 2016 Dentist of the Year Award is more like a lifetime achievement award.  Dr. Moore has been serving organized dentistry and our profession on multiple levels since he began practicing in Austin in 1980.  As an involved young dentist, Alan soon […]

President’s Message May 2016

This Is Where We Begin The end.  This year has been one of incredible growth for me and I have been privileged to serve as your President.  It has been our board’s goal to create a must-have membership for you.  What does that mean?  That we provide you, our amazing dentists, with what you ask […]

President’s Message April 2016

  April is going to be a fantastic month for the Capital Area Dental Society.  You have two opportunities to visit with old friends, forge friendships and expand your circle. Who is looking forward to the Foundation’s Gala this year?  All of you should be raising your hands wildly. I have a strong suspicion that […]