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President’s Message September 2017

I hope that everyone has had a chance to travel this summer. I am not talking about a trip to the beach, river, or mountains. I am talking about a different type of travel, one where you leave the comfort of your routine life. A journey outside of the comfort zone. Away from the familiar and the secure, to try something new. Experiencing something different allows us to challenge ourselves and grow. For some of us this task may be taking on a patient from CADF, or signing up for a TMOM event, or even mentoring a new dentist.
CADS had the opportunity to step out of our comfort zone when Austin Country Club let us know they were remodeling during August and September. It gave us an opportunity as a society to step out of the security of our familiar venue and try something new. In August, our meeting was at the Canyon View Event Center. For September, our meeting will be at the Norris Conference Center. We will be asking for feedback on each of these venues, so let us know your opinion.
As for myself, I had the opportunity in July to step out of the comfort of my life and participate in a medical mission in Guatemala. I joined a group where I did not know anyone, to work with the indigenous Mayan population in remote villages around Chichicastenango. Most of the patients spoke only K’iche, so communication was difficult. I was so glad that I challenged myself to step out of the familiar and got to experience the people, the culture and the beautiful mountains of Guatemala.
I am not saying everyone should take a huge leap out of their comfort zones, but start with something small like talking with someone you have never met at the next CADS meeting. I think you will like it.
By Ensy A. Atarod, DDS
CADS President, 2017-2018