President’s Message August 2019

Politics.  That single word has the power to provoke so many emotions.   To some it causes excitement, to others anxiety. The thing is, no matter how you feel about it, political action and legislation play a very important part in how we practice every day, and more importantly, the future of our profession.

Did you know that as Texas dentists we have our own political action committee, a group of non-profit dentists whose sole responsibility is to support legislators who have OUR best interests in mind? DENPAC is one of the strongest political action committees in the country, and Texas is one of the best states in which to practice dentistry.  Coincidence? I’ll leave you to decide.

Here are some facts: this year, some important bills passed, and many bills that had potential to negatively impact our day-to-day practice did not.  If you want to see the details of each, please read the Editor’s Report in this issue of the Capital Star.  There’s no doubt that having the right people in the Texas House and Senate helped make the 2019 Legislative Session successful for Texas dentists, and the support from DENPAC plays a role.

Currently, only 17% of CADS dentists are supporting DENPAC.  One of the priorities of our CADS Board this year is to increase our participation, with a goal of 30% of CADS members supporting DENPAC.  Are you a member? Check the list at the bottom of this page. THANK YOU to each of you who already contribute. To those of you who do not, consider this… for $100 per year, you can help protect our profession.  That’s less than $9 per month! DENPAC makes it easy to join with the EZ Pledge program, allowing you to sign up for small monthly donations that can be automatically charged to a credit card or checking account. We have included the EZ Pledge form in this issue.  Help keep the right people in the right place at the Capitol. Whether you are at the beginning of your career or rounding the corner toward the end, you have a voice in the future of dentistry.


Trisha Kimes, DDS, FAGD
CADS President, 2019-2020