Editor’s Corner June 2019

Report on TDA Governance

Happy New Year!!!  For reasons that I don’t fully understand, both TDA and CADS run on a summer-to-summer fiscal year, meaning that there is a changing of the guard within the board rooms at all levels at this time of year.  You’ll notice new President’s messages in the Capital Star as well as the TDA Journal. It’s a bittersweet time of year for the outgoing presidents, as they are exhausted but also proud of the legacy they left.  It is also a time of excitement and action for the newly installed leadership. The new TDA President Dr. Charles Miller has already led his first Board meeting and traveled to one of twenty-six total TDA component society visits.  New CADS President Dr. Trisha Kimes has been installed less than three weeks and has already led a board orientation meeting and a strategic planning session to lay the groundwork for the year to come. Add to this the conclusion of the 86th Texas Legislature, and you can understand that there is a lot of business crammed into the early summer months.

The beginning of the end for the “year” is always the annual TDA Meeting held in San Antonio.  I know many of our members had the opportunity to attend and were able to take full advantage of the excellent CE opportunities as well as a much-improved exhibit hall.  Hopefully attendees also took full advantage of the numerous social activities and alumni meetings as well.

One of the most important (yet to many unknown) happenings at the TDA Meeting is the annual gathering of the TDA House of Delegates as well as the Divisional Caucuses.  If you’re a newer member and are curious, this is the “governance section” of the TDA, meaning the group that creates the policies of the organization that shape not only your membership but the profession as a whole.  This year’s House of Delegates was rather routine, with no controversial issues or hotly debated resolutions. Most of the new policies created were related to the insurance industry.

…Resolved, that the Texas Dental Association pursue legislative and/or regulatory actions requiring state regulated insurance plans to allow dentists to choose the method by which they are reimbursed for dental services performed; and be it further Resolved, that the Texas Dental Association pursue legislative and/or regulatory actions to prohibit state-regulated insurance plans from restricting methods of payment to dentists in which the only acceptable payment method is a virtual credit card payment.


…Resolved, that the Texas Dental Association pursue legislative and/or regulatory actions to prohibit state-regulated insurance plans from denying dental claims approved in prior authorization. This includes prohibiting dental carriers from denying or recouping claims payment due to loss of coverage or patient ineligibility if the carrier erroneously authenticated coverage and eligibility but had sufficient information available indicating the patient was no longer covered or ineligible.


Your CADS delegation was also well represented in the Divisional Caucus Meetings and during committee assignments.  Drs. Alan Moore, Mark Peppard, and Lance Sanders will represent the TDA as 2019 ADA Delegates, with Drs. Ensy Atarod and Shailee Gupta both securing spots as ADA Alternate Delegates for 2019-2020.  Dr. David Slaughter was appointed to the TDA Council on Peer Review, and Dr. Ensy Atarod was appointed to chair the TDA Council on Membership, New Dentists, and Students.


Several long-standing members were also awarded with TDA Order of Goodfellow (25 years of membership), TDA Life Member, or TDA Fifty Year Awards.