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CADF Golf Classic

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President’s Message June 2019

Greetings fellow CADS members and colleagues.  I am excited to introduce myself as your 2019-2020 CADS President.  This year promises to be another great one for all of our current, new, and future members, and I am so proud to be a part of this wonderful group of like-minded dental professionals.  Our membership in this tripartite organization is a testament to our devotion to our profession, our patients, our staff, and our families. Read more


New Dentist Corner February 2019

One of the hardest things in our profession is finding a proportional work-life balance.  Especially being a new dentist, that may mean having to work 6 days a week or longer than “ideal” hours.  We want you to know, you’re not alone! The practice of dentistry is an ongoing journey and every patient experience is an opportunity to learn and grow.  Over time, you will learn to fine tune your skill set and hone in on what you truly love to do. The hard work will start to pay off and you will find yourself having more free time for hobbies and other interests, like reading!  A question that gets asked in many social channels are recommendations for books to read that emphasizes leadership, business and professional development. Here are our 2019 top picks for you: “Purple Cow: Transform your Business by Being Remarkable”, “Start with Why”, “The Energy Bus”, and “The Checklist Manifesto”.  Like Mr. Miyagi in the Karate Kid said “First learn to stand, then learn to fly. Nature rule Daniel son, not mine.”  Reading books gives you wings so you can begin to soar into our profession! 



Emily Conley DDS & Rebecca Scott DDS
CADS New Dentist Committee Chairs



New Dentist Corner November 2018

Thank you to everyone that came out to our Rock Rose Pub Crawl last month!  We loved seeing everyone in costumes and enjoyed mixing and mingling. Thank you to our wonderful sponsors DJ Bhola CPA and Wealth Strategies!  One of the highlights of our pub crawl was the kick off of our CADS Mentorship Program.  This is a unique and invaluable opportunity we offer our members and we are excited that the interest in the program was so high.  Members will automatically be paired with a mentor if you are in your first year after graduation. All others who are interested can sign up online at  

We wish you a very blessed Thanksgiving!  It’s truly a joy serving as your New Dentist Chairs!


Emily Conley, DDS & Rebecca Montalvo, DDS
CADS New Dentist Committee Chairs



New Dentist Corner October 2018

This month marks the start of CADS Study Club and we couldn’t be more excited for the course lineup. Dentistry is dynamic and in order to stay current with advances in our profession, we are fortunate to have endless opportunities for continuing education at the local, state, and national level.  We encourage new dentists to make the commitment to be a lifelong learner. Whether you own your own practice or you’re an associate, the reward you get when you take time to work ON your practice versus IN it, is ten-fold.

One common question we see floating around social media is, “what is one of the best investments you’ve made?”. Time and again it’s not the newest gadget on the market, but rather time spent on furthering ones’ education. Make this investment now and join us for the third annual CADS Study Club that provides high quality, affordable continuing education geared to the New Dentist!


Rebecca Montalvo DDS and Emily Conley DDS
New Dentist Committee Chairs


New Dentist Corner September 2018

It’s a great time to be in Austin! Summer is just a blur but a shining moment was our awesome boat party last month! This year, we kicked it up a notch and had some pretty neat lake floats and delicious sandwiches from Thundercloud Subs. It was great seeing new and old faces and we loved catching up with everyone. We couldn’t have done this without our GREAT sponsors: Burkhart Dental, DJ Bhola CPA, Great State Dental Lab and Xite Realty. Each of these sponsors have been key components in the success of our group. We encourage all members to take time to visit with them at our events because they have a wealth of knowledge that can be very helpful in any stage of your career. 

A notable piece of advice we have been given is the importance of building “your dream team”, one of whom should be a mentor. One of CADS many benefits is our Mentorship Program. There is a subsection on CADS website that lists our ready and willing mentors that have generously offered to provide support and guidance to our new dentists. The combined years of experience and expertise on our panel is impressive and anyone would be lucky to be teamed up with them.  

Lastly, SAVE THE DATE for our Fall Pub Crawl on October 27! More details to follow!

New Dentist Corner August 2017

With summer in full swing, we are looking forward to the New Dentist Boat Party on Saturday, August 12th. This year, we are changing it up a bit and having it at night, from 5:00 – 8:00pm. We will still have plenty of sun to soak up AND be able to see the sunset! We appreciate our gracious sponsors, Wealth Strategies, Burkhart and DJ Bhola who helped make this event possible. Evites have already been sent out, so all you need to do is check YES!
Thank you to Dr. Dale Gallagher who graciously hosted a fantastic lake party in June for CADS members. The weather, food and company were perfect. Dr. Conley was excited to meet a few of the new members who attended and can’t wait to see more of ya’ll at the upcoming events.
As always, if you have any suggestions or would like to help in any way, contact us at
Rebecca Montalvo, DDS & Emily S. Conley, DDS
New Dentists Committee Chairs, 2017-2018

7-16 Headshot-New Dentist Corner (By Dr. Shelly Duggal and Dr. Kacie Stair)

New Dentist Corner February 2017

7-16 Headshot-New Dentist Corner (By Dr. Shelly Duggal and Dr. Kacie Stair)

The New Dentists had a great time rooting for the Longhorns at the UT basketball game last month!  Thank you to our sponsors, Patterson Dental, Physician’s Resource Services, and Practice Real Estate Group and to Dr. Barry Rouch for arranging this special event for us!

Have you found your mentor yet?  Would you love a chance to chat with experienced dentists who have been there and done that?  The CADS Mentorship Program is here to help!  First, visit the website to find out more about our available mentors on the Mentorship Program page in the Members Only section.

If you are interested in being a mentor yourself, simply update your user profile on the CADS website (make sure to upload a picture!) and email Shelly at to let us know that you would like to be added as a mentor.

– Shelly Duggal, DMD & Kacie Stair-Culotta, DMD
CADS New Dentist Committee Chairs, 2016-2017

7-16 Headshot-New Dentist Corner (By Dr. Shelly Duggal and Dr. Kacie Stair)

New Dentist’s Corner January 2017

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6-16 Heck Headshot for Presidents Message

President’s Message October 2016

6-16 Heck Headshot for Presidents Message

Our Study Club


In this summer’s messages, I attempted to frame the current challenges and virtues of organized dentistry, and briefly described the efforts we are making at the local level to respond to these issues.  In this month’s issue, I would like to formally introduce one of our new initiatives: the CADS Study Club.


Study Clubs are a fantastic way to broaden our knowledge of the dental field, and enable us to learn from each other’s failures and successes.  They are also a great way for us to connect with each other and build a referral network with those we know are trying their best to care for their patients.  However, many study clubs are very expensive, exclusive to a small group, and even difficult to attend due to location.  We have decided to start our own Study Clubs at CADS, with intention of them being affordable, open to all CADS members, and offered at multiple locations within the Capital Area.


This year, we are starting a single pilot club to optimize our process, and then intend on opening multiple clubs next year.  Our first session will be held on Saturday November 19th, with a guest lecture from Dr. Bill Robbins, which will focus on taking proper records (models/photos/etc.) On Saturday December 10, Dr. Robbins will return to discuss global diagnosis and treatment planning.  We believe that these first two sessions will serve as a foundation for the third and fourth sessions, to be held in February and June of 2017, allowing all Study Club members to share their own cases and discuss the challenges and successes they have had with them.


We will be holding the Study Club at the Heritage Plaza Building (centrally located at Mopac/Spicewood Springs), and will have lunch provided at each session.  Our intention is to have the first two sessions more structured with lecture, and then let the group lead us in a more informal discussion as to the direction/focus of the spring sessions.  Additionally, the total fee for club membership will only be $150 per CADS member for the entire year, which is dramatically lower than the cost for any other study club offered in the Capital Area.  Please save these dates in your calendars if you are interested in joining, and look for electronic communication coming soon for registration details!


By Matthew J. Heck, DDS
CADS President, 2016-2017